Year 2002


I have updated the web site. Added some pictures and changed the look. The graphics card in the Linux box decided to flake out, so I can't run Xwindows. No Gnome and no Screem. I am using something called wwwpublish on Win98. Works OK, but I want my Linux...

Why can't anybody make a better web page editor then Netscape Composer (which is not great and has no concept of a site). I don't care about HTML markup, I just want the page creation to be easy and site maintenance simple. Frontpage is too MS specific. AOL-press was good, but it is no longer available. Whats with SiteDesigner, shows promise, but it ties you down with the authors idea of how a site should look. This program even won awards from ZDnet. Just how do you create new themes, I guess they tell you that after you pluck down your $99.The default ones are to limiting. As mentioned earlier, SCREEM is slightly unstable, but seems to be the best, it even has the concept of source code management. Something that has been long practiced in the software development arena. Everything else is not feasible or to damn expensive, or both!

The barn finally has electricity! Yeah! Now I can work in the barn after dark. To bad it is a temporary extension cord running from the house. The old section of the barn had collapsed and the local PUD disconnected the power from the circuit box. This section was removed over the summer and the circuit box mounted in a new place The previous occupants of this place had made a mess out of the wiring. Which required a slight rewiring of the lights and the addition of a 15amp circuit breaker. This breaker box is next to the main breaker box. I should be able to dual wire the lights so I could power the barn off a portable generator. This spring I should be able to dig up the old cables and reroute them to the new location of the circuit box. At $3 a foot and about 75' to cover with three cables it is worth the effort to dig up the old cables. Just tough on the old back...

Now back to the Dart. I have picked up a set of upper and lower bushings and new lower ball joints. I decided to use Moog replacements. The bushings were originally designed to twist and hold the parts in place. The polygraphic stuff doesn't do this. I need to get the strut bar bushings, the sway bar bushings. These might be polygraphic, not sure yet. I might possibly get a new set of upper ball joints. The old ones are good, so it would be for GP alone. I advertised for and purchased a new center link for a v8 powered '65 from moparts. This should allow for additional oil pan clearance. I fabricated a set of mounts for the sway bar on the K-member. This consists of a 2" channel iron welded to the K-member. Doesn't look to bad, and it should strengthen the K-member. I drilled the holes for the mounts and bolted on the sway bar and all of the linkage. I pushed the bar toward the top of the suspension travel and everything looked OK. Then I pushed the bar to the lower part of the travel and CLUNK. There might be a problem. I will have to mount the full suspension onto the car and see where the bump stops limit travel and the CLUNK coincide. Just maybe I will luck out...


I have finished scanning and formatting the Slant Six Racing Manual from my 1978 Edition of the Direct Connection Racing Manuals. Original cost of this one manual was $1.00. This should compliment the 1984 Manuals that are already online.

The front suspension is almost ready to be bolted into the car. The new bushings have been installed and everything is nicely painted semi-flat black paint. All I need to do is finish the engine compartment, then I can bolt everything up!


I have accomplished a lot in the past month. You can do this when you find out you might have to move in 90 days. The engine compartment is all nicely painted and I am starting to plumb the brake lines. The front suspension is all bolted in and the wheels are now pointing straight ahead. I was able to salvage the front calibers and rear wheel cylinders. It took some work, but I was able to free up the bleeder screws on all of them. They appeared to be new and the old shoes and pads were not the bad, but a new set of brake shoes and pads were installed anyways. I could drop the car off the jack stands now, but I still need a rear shock mount and the floor boards need to be finished.

Updated the site with pictures of some of the chassis work and activated the chassis link on the front page.