Year 2006


Well tax time has passed and with it, the purchase of more toys for the Dart. Since the last posting, I have picked up an Eaton M90 from a '96 Buick. Yep, the ole 225 will be SUBERCHARGED! In pursuit of this goal, I need to build myself an intake manifold. The progress can be followed here. Since I will need to use EFI on this manifold, I have picked assorted parts to make this happen. Most of this has been thru ebay. But, ebay, like most stuff on the Internet is buyer beware, I have been burned. Here is the sad tale of what happened.

Worldwide-turbo-injection sells turbo and fuel injection parts on ebay.

They are located in Miami.

I purchased 6 of their injector bosses. They were at a good price, $4 a piece. That was Feb 20, 2006; Ebay #8019481652. I still haven't received the parts. Repeated emails have been mostly ignored. One said they shipped them "last week". That was April 11, 2006. Even snail-mail is faster then this, especially since I paid for "express" shipping. The only shipping they offered, at a ridicules price (shipping was not quoted at purchase time).

I have lodged a complaint with ebay, since I am pass the 60 day cutoff, I complained directly to custom service, I don't expect much action. I also notice that they have stiffed somebody else since my purchase. I am only out $41, this guy is out over $300.

So I DON'T recommend doing business with these guys.

Post this far and wide, buyer beware when doing business with worldwide-turbo-injection.


The EFI/Supercharger project is on hiatus for a bit. The drivabilty of the Dart is getting worse. So I need to do something know about that. The Carter BBD is no working correctly any longer. The choke/idle quality has gotten worse over the past few years, and I am just tired on how the current setup is working. Of course most of the problems are my fault. I removed the heat flapper valve from the exhaust manifold and the air cleaner is '65 vintage without any heat provisions. So carb icing is a major problem.

So I am taking a page from the Jeep guys. They just hate the Carter BBD, by the late '80s this once fairly good carburator became a bastardize monster. It won't idle correctly, it stalls out on the trail, etc. But they just love the Motorcraft 2100 series of carburators. There are several very good write ups on how to do the conversion, a very good example is here. Tim Martin has several of these, around the net, some of them have even been copted by others as their own work, and a google search will turn up most of them.

Oh yeah, pictures are located here and a how-to articule will be posted later.


Well the Motorcraft 2100 is now on the Dart. Pictures are posted at the above location. I will be posting a write up in a few days.