Our 1965 Dodge Dart

This project is attempting to rebuild and modify a 1965 Dodge Dart 2dr Sedan for improved performance. Thats right your basic Hot Rod, in the original sense of the term.

As with most projects, this one has an interesting beginning.

Several years ago, I had a longing to rebuild an old Dart. I found a 1964 Dart GT with  \6 and 4 speed. The body was rusty, but in a salvageable state. The engine was shot. But I have always wanted an old Dart with a \6 and 4 speed. So I bought it for the grand price of $200.

For several years the car sat around, under a trap, waiting to be rebuilt. During this time I acquired and sold several other cars until one fateful day. I am a firm believer in the three car rule. If you have three cars, at any given time one will be running. Well this fateful day my '78 Aspen decided to munch its transmission. What a dilemma, my three cars had all died! After some head scratching, I decided to use the Super Six from the Aspen and install it into the Dart. A week later, I had a '64 Dart GT with a '78 Super Six, electronic ignition and constant charge alternator. This car then transported me to work for close to six years. It outlasted cars that were considerably newer and costed a lot more. It was close to indestructible, but alas the rust finally did it in. This lead to the search for a replacement chassis, hence the current '65 Dart and this project.

This '65 Dart is your basic low-ball stripper, it originally came with a \6, 3spd manual transmission, single speed wipers and its lucky to have a radio. This car has lived a relatively sheltered life. There is very little rust, but the floor boards will need to be replaced and the drivers side fender needs some attention. When I got this car the former owner had stripped the seats, engine, transmission and drive shaft from the car to make a quarter miler out of her. But his wife squealshed that project when she found out it was going to cost thousands of dollars to build a chassis and stuff a 440 into the engine bay. So I got it for a great price. FREE!

So, armed with a $60, 318 powered, '75 Dart Custom parts car, off on the project I go.